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Apple to release iOS 7 patch to stop random iPhone shutdowns
Apple said today that an upcoming software update will fix a problem that has resulted in random iPhone and iPad shutdowns. “We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash,” an Apple spokeswoman said. In the wake of the September release of iOS 7, users started reporting that their phones would shut down despite having battery power in the double digits.
IT ProPortal


BT and Alcatel-Lucent create the fastest broadband
Researchers working for BT and Alcatel-Lucent have managed to test a broadband technology which can hit 1.4 terabits per second.  That is enough to send 44 high-definition movies in just one second and it can all be done on the existing fibre network in London. The researchers used what is known as “flexigrid” infrastructure, creating an “alien super channel” made up of seven 200 gigabits per second (Gbps) channels.


Telstra sets up network services JV with Telcom Indonesia
Australian operator Telstra has formed a joint venture with Telkom Indonesia to provide network services in South East Asia. The two have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see the joint venture become the exclusive provider of network applications and services in Indonesia for the two operators. It will also offer managed network and security packages, cloud and unified communications services across the region.


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Microsoft shares up on better than expected results
Microsoft has reported revenues of $24.52bn and net income of $6.56bn for the financial quarter ending 31 December 2013, up 14 per cent and 2.8 per cent respectively compared with the same period the year before. In response to the better-than-expected results, Microsoft’s shares rose nearly 4 per cent in after-hours trading, according to the BBC.
Computer Weekly


Schools don’t think Android tablets are secure enough
Schools buying tablets for education are nervous about security on Android, manufacturers have told PC Pro. While more schools are considering bringing tablets into the classroom, security worries mean many question whether Android is the right choice. Samsung’s education business manager, Ben Brown, told PC Pro schools often raised the issue.
PC Pro


Snowden speaks: NSA spies create ‘databases of ruin’ on innocent folks
Ex-NSA contractor turned whistleblower Edward Snowden used his first public Q&A to call for the US to lead a global initiative to ban mass surveillance of populations. He also wants governments to ensure that intelligence agencies can protect national security while not invading everyday privacy.

The Register


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Phablets to make big splash in Asia – but research finds appeal in Europe limited
“Phablet” smartphones with large screens will see rising demand in the Far East over the next five years, says a new report – though data from Europe suggests their appeal here is limited.  According to Juniper Research, phablet sales (which it defines as having a screen of between 5.6in and 6.9in measured diagonally) will hit 120m annually in 2018, compared to just 20m this year. Around half of those – 60m – will be bought in the Far East and China, the company forecasts, while about 20m will be sold in North America and 20m in Europe, it forecasts.
The Guardian


Associated Press and Streamworks International expand live streaming deal
The Associated Press and Streamworks International have renewed their contract to provide live streaming of AP’s award-winning content to AP Video Hub. AP Video Hub’s live service provides a 24-7 stream of breaking news, as well as access to pre-planned news events, which enables online publishers with limited editorial resources to quickly access and create rich online content.
The Drum


Facebook uses dodgy data to prove the world will run out of air by 2060
It’s becoming rarer and rarer that we Like something Facebook does but it recently responded to a Princeton study that the social network will lose 80 per cent of its users by 2017, by using the exact same data to come up with a number of interesting findings. By using the same Google Trends search score, which were published by TechCrunch, that bravely said Facebook would have a dangerous decline they found by 2021 Princeton would have no students at all.


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