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EE dismisses data-burning glitch with Orange Mail app
Exclusive British mobile carrier EE has refused to admit there’s a problem with its Orange Mail app, even though it appeared to have quickly drained the data allowance on a barely-used PAYG phone. Register reader Adam Quantrill got in touch after a £10 credit he placed on his son’s Orange-branded Samsung i9000 Galaxy pay-as-you-go phone depleted within the space of 48 hours, even though – as the phone’s own logs showed – the kid had only used about 30 pence worth of data.
The Register


China gives green light for Microsoft to acquire Nokia’s mobile wing
China has approved Microsoft’s deal to acquire Nokia’s handset business, which is expected to close by the end of this month. The transaction has already received regulatory approvals from the European Commission, the US Department of Justice and a number of other jurisdictions. Originally scheduled to close at the end of the first quarter, on the 31st March the contract was put on hold while the firms awaited approval from the “final markets” in Asia.



EU rules that phone data retention infringes ‘fundamental rights’
The European Union’s top court yesterday overturned a ruling that forced European telecoms companies to keep their customers’ phone records on file for up to two years. The EU’s Court of Justice decreed that the Data Retention Directive, originally introduced after terrorist bombings in London and Madrid in 2006, infringed on fundamental human rights and “exceeded the limits” of proportionality.
The Verge


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IT strives to reinvent itself despite budget restrictions
IT leaders are striving to reinvent themselves in 2014, as they struggle to support innovation-based corporate growth efforts with improved information and analytics, according to 2014 IT Key Issues research from The Hackett Group. At the same time, IT organisations are facing another year of staff cuts and only small budget increases, in the face of moderate revenue growth expectations.
Information Age


Tech rout slams UK online giants
British technology shares were pummeled for a second day yesterday as waves of uncertainty surrounding the sector continued, despite a recovery across similar stocks in the US.
City AM


The Heartbleed Bug has made the internet’s secure websites very insecure 
Software used by millions of web servers, retailers, operating systems, email and instant messaging services has been accidentally infected by The Heartbleed Bug for around two years, it turns out. Aside from having the most post-hardcore name a serious web vulnerability has ever had, the bug could allow shady internet types to steal encrypted information from OpenSSL software that is usually (and should be) protected.


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Netflix starts streaming in 4K
Back in December, Netflix revealed that it would be shooting the second series of House of Cards in 4K. Then, at CES 2014 in January, Netflix announced that it would soon be providing UHD streams of Breaking Bad, as well as all of its own originally produced programmes.
Trusted Reviews


Women more likely to ignore SMS and social media ads
FinancesOnline has published an infographic looking at some of the differences between how men and women use mobile and social media. It shows that 71 per cent of women are willing to ‘like’ a brand on Facebook to access deals, compared to just 18 per cent of men. Women are also more likely to ignore SMS and social media advertising than men.
Mobile Marketing

Twitter gets Facebook-style revamp
Twitter has updated its profile pages, with a new look that resembles its closest rival Facebook, as the newly-listed social network looks to boost user engagement and ad revenue. The update, visible through the web version of Twitter, allows users to customise their profile pages with their best tweets, a larger profile photo and wide cover-image, mirroring the design update Facebook made to its profile pages in 2013.


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