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Samsung forecasts flat Q1 revenue, lower operating profit
The trouble with selling a lot of expensive smartphones is that eventually you start to run out of people to sell them to. This appears to be the problem Samsung is facing. The company on Tuesday announced it expects first quarter sales to be flat year-on-year at 53 trillion won (€36.7 billion) and operating profit to be down 4.3 per cent to KRW8.4 trillion (€5.8 billion). It is the second time in as many quarters that Samsung has forecast flat revenue and falling operating profit.
Total Telecom


EU court rules against requirement to keep data of telecom users
The European Union’s highest court ruled on Tuesday that an EU directive requiring telecoms companies to store the communications data of EU citizens for up to two years was invalid. “The Court of Justice declares the Data Retention Directive to be invalid,” the court said in a statement. The data-retention directive was introduced in March 2006 after bombings on public transport in Madrid and London. The aim was to give the authorities better tools to investigate and prosecute organised crime and terrorism.


Ericsson intros high density stream processing platform
The Ericsson AVP 1000 Stream Processor, which is described as the most dense and powerful stream processor of its kind, is a 2RU that can process up to 512 transport streams of up to 300 Mbps each. It includes 10GigE interfaces, six high capacity option slots, dual high-capacity power supplies and new front to rear cooling with twin independent airflows for maximum cooling efficiency. Content security is assured through the scrambling of eight separate CAs (conditional access).
Converge Network Digest


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Cloud and datacentre bodies collaborate on trust agenda
Trade bodies the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) and Data Centre Alliance (DCA) on Tuesday joined forces to drive best practices amongst the cloud service provider community, specifically promoting trust, security and transparency within the sector. Under the terms of the agreement, both organisations will establish a reciprocal, non-exclusive alliance partnership to encourage best practice as well as educating end user organisations on all cloud computing issues.


Cryptex card – world’s first Bitcoin-to-cash ATM and debit card launched
Cryptex is seeking to make using bitcoin even easier by launching a card which will allow you turn bitcoin into cash at hundreds of thousands of ATMs around the world. The Cryptex Card was launched at the Inside Bitcoins conference taking place in New York this week and the Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency financial services company said personalised cards will begin shipping in the next six weeks “filling a huge hole in the bitcoin and digital currency infrastructure,” according to the company.
International Business Times


Blackberry beats chipmaker in court
Troubled Canadian mobile phone maker Blackberry has managed to convince a jury that it did not nick three ideas belonging to Dutch semiconductor company NXP. NXP sued BlackBerry in April 2012 claiming that versions of the BlackBerry phone and PlayBook tablet infringed patents related to the design, data transmission and other features of those devices.


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Asda runs ‘something to tweet about’ campaign starring cute Easter chick
Asda is launching a “something to tweet about” campaign, featuring a cute dancing Easter chick that forms part of the latest instalment of the “beat not match” positioning it unveiled over Christmas. The television campaign launched last night and features four different-coloured birdhouses representing the different supermarkets, with the last and biggest birdhouse representing Asda.
Marketing Magazine


UK mobile advertising boom sees market double to over £1bn
A boom in smartphone and tablet sales has contributed to a near doubling in mobile advertising spend to over £1bn over the past year, according to new research published by the Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC. The figures show advertisers flocking to handheld devices through 2013 as the display advertising market for mobiles surged 93 per cent on the previous year – fuelled predominantly by a 63 per cent increase in tablet ownership.
The Drum


Engineers design video game controller that can sense player’s emotions
Stanford engineers have developed what could be the next big thing in interactive gaming: handheld game controllers that measure the player’s physiology and alter the gameplay to make it more engaging. Sometimes, a dozen ravenous zombies just aren’t exciting enough to hold a video gamer’s interest. The next step in interactive gaming, however, could come in the form of a handheld game controller that gauges the player’s brain activity and throws more zombies on the screen when it senses the player is bored.


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