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South Africa telecoms regulator says it may reconsider mobile rate cut proposal
South Africa’s telecoms regulator said on Monday it may reconsider planned cuts for 2015 and 2016 in the amount mobile operators charge each other to use their networks. “In this case, we may review 2015 and 2016 mainly in trying to avert a very lengthy legal challenge. We will be re-consulting for those years,” Paseka Maleka, a spokesman for the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa, said.
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Vodafone celebrates 30th anniversary
Vodafone celebrated the 30th anniversary of its brand on Friday (March 22). The company, which now claims it is the UK’s “most valuable brand” revealed that the suggestion to spell ‘phone’ as ‘fone’ was originally rejected by then CEO Sir Gerry Whent.
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Regulators put Microsoft’s Nokia buyout on hold
Nokia says it doesn’t expect the $7.5bn sale of its phone business to Microsoft to close until April, with the companies awaiting approval from regulators. The handset maker had previously said it would close the deal in the first quarter of the year, but the global nature of the sale has pushed the sale back as competition authorities take a closer look at the transfer of ownership.
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UK tax change could hike up the price of downloaded apps, music and books
Music, book and app downloads may jump in price in the UK soon after VAT changes were announced in the annual budget. Chancellor George Osborn pointed out in his annual budget speech that companies are currently charged tax at source on digital downloads, through foreign countries like Luxembourg where it is as low as 3 per cent. From 1 January 2015 however, downloads will be taxed in the country they are purchased instead, meaning a 20 per cent VAT charge in the UK.


Cisco charges onto the cloud
Networking giant Cisco has said that it wants to offer cloud computing services and is writing a billion dollar cheque over the next two years. Needless to say, Cisco has been running late and the market currently led by the world’s biggest online retailer which does not seem to be giving up.


China’s Huawei calls on tech firms to unite against NSA spying
China-based telecoms equipment maker Huawei has condemned alleged spying on its networks by the US National Security Agency, reportedly part of wider efforts to spy on Chinese politicians and firms. “If the actions in the report are true, Huawei condemns such activities that invaded and infiltrated into our internal corporate network and monitored our communications,” Huawei said in a statement.


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Google admit Glass specs aren’t ready for general launch
Think all Google Glass wearers are nerds with lots of money? Not so fast, says Google. The web giant took to its Google+ page on 20 March to debunk some of the most common “myths” about its high-tech specs — and admitted that they’re not quite ready for primetime. “Glass is a prototype, and our Explorers and the broader public are playing a critical role in how it’s developed,” Google explained.
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Apple ‘in talks with US cable provider Comcast about streaming TV’
Apple has engaged in preliminary talks with US cable television provider Comcast about a potential streamed TV service, according to a report. Speculation about Apple entering the television sector has been around for some time, but the iPhone company has struggled to get content makers on board.
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AOL partners with Channel 4 News, ITN and MyMovies to launch premium AOL On video platform in UK
AOL has partnered with Channel 4 News, ITN and Scripps Networks International among others to launch its AOL On video platform in the UK. Following launches in the US and Canada, the company signed up content providers Channel 4 News – the first third-party deal of its kind for Channel 4 – ITN, Scripps Networks International, MyMovies and LittleDot to acquire clips from UK shows such as Supernanny and Embarrassing Bodies.
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