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EE apologises for ‘gremlins in the system’ after massive signal outage
Mobile network EE has said has resolved signal problems which affected some of its 27 million customers across the UK. A technical issue prevented some customers from making phone calls, texting and using the internet on Wednesday evening. In a tweet, EE, which also operates under the T-Mobile and Orange brands, said they were aware of “gremlins in the system” and apologised for the inconvenience caused.
The Independent


Ovivo Mobile virtual network operator shuts down without warning
Ad-funded virtual network operator Ovivo Mobile shut down suddenly last night (March 19) without any warning. The operator, which piggybacked on Vodafone’s network, said it was closing due to “reasons beyond our control” in a message left on its website. Ovivo Mobile provided access to the network at no monthly cost by displaying adverts on users’ screens every ten minutes.
Digital Spy


Samsung Galaxy S5 could be cheaper than Galaxy S4
The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t going to be cheap – that we can be sure of. But there’s potentially good news for anyone looking to pick one up as a report suggests it won’t be quite as expensive as the Galaxy S4. According to ZDNet Korea, the Korean media is reporting that the factory price for the Samsung Galaxy S5 has been set at 890,000 Won (around $830, £500, AU$900).


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Man charged with leaking Windows 8 secrets
A former Microsoft employee is facing criminal charges after he allegedly passed trade secrets to a blogger in France. Russian national Alex Kibkalo, a former Microsoft employee in Lebanon and Russia, admitted to Microsoft investigators that he provided confidential company documents and information to the blogger, documents from a Seattle federal court showed.
PC Pro


HP to set out 3D printing plans in June
HP will outline plans to enter the commercial 3D-printing market in June, having claimed to have solved a number of technical problems affecting broader adoption of the high-tech manufacturing process. CEO Meg Whitman told shareholders the company will make a “big technology announcement” in June around how it will approach a market that has excited the imagination of investors and consumers.
IT Pro


EA Games website hacked to steal Apple IDs
Hold onto your Apple ID credentials and don’t enter them anywhere unless you’re 100 percent certain that a) it’s necessary, and b) legitimate. That’s today’s security lesson, courtesy of a very convincing Apple ID login screen hosted on game publisher Electronic Arts’ website that was used to steal credentials. The first question a user stumbling across the site above should ask themselves is: “Why is asking me for my Apple ID?”


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Is Twitter about to remove @ replies?
Twitter could be about to remove @ replies, if a recent company experiment is any indication. Evidence was found in Twitter’s Android alpha test group app. Buzzfeed received an image that shows username handles have been removed from replies, but that they still show in a line of conversation – as introduced in an October update.


Japan plans 8K TV broadcast testing in 2016, with full service by 2020 Tokyo Olympics
Japanese broadcaster NHK has confirmed it wants to push for 8K broadcasting as soon as possible and will begin testing a service by 2016.NHK wants to offer “a full [8K] broadcasting service by 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics”. Currently 4K UHD is the best service on offer. But 4K televisions are expensive and content is sparse at best right now. Nonetheless NHK is pressing on and plans to show off its 8K tech at the NAB broadcasting show in Las Vegas this April.

Alibaba invests $215m in Tango mobile messaging service
Chinese internet giant Alibaba has made a $215m investment in Tango, a Silicon Valley mobile messaging service, in what is believed to be Alibaba’s largest investment in a US company. The four-year-old company is used by 200m people worldwide and allows video as well as text chats as well as offering games and music. Alibaba joined other investors to pump a total of $280m into the company.
The Guardian


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