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EE broadband is now available to everyone, not just EE mobile users
If you’ve fancied yourself some of EE’s broadband but don’t use the network, it’s your lucky day – everyone in the UK can now get in on the action. Starting today, EE home and fibre broadband, previously only available to EE mobile customers, is available to all.


Starbucks is trialling wireless charging in some of its coffee shops
Starbucks has teamed up with Duracell to begin a nationwide rollout of wireless charging systems for smartphones across the US. The wireless charging mats are currently in a handful of Starbucks coffee shops on the west coast around San Jose and on the east coast around Boston.


LG team up with McAfee for G3 security
LG G3 smartphone to come preinstalled with McAfee Mobile Security. LG has teamed up with security software firm McAfee to provide mobile ‘anti-theft’ security on the G3 smartphone – launching next month. The software, which comes preinstalled, will enable users to disable and remotely wipe their handset in the event of it being lost or stolen, using a secure online account.
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Microsoft tightens service terms and emphasises privacy
Microsoft has updated its customer service agreements to make them easier to understand and more explicit about privacy. The firm has advised users in a blog post. The message is heavy on ease of use and transparency, but privacy is a hot topic, and it is privacy that Microsoft highlights as its first change.
The Inquirer
TweetDeck fixes glaring XSS vulnerability
Twitter has patched up a security flaw in TweetDeck, an XSS cross-site scripting vulnerability which allowed an attacker to remotely execute Javascript code. And when the vulnerability came to light yesterday, it was certainly used, with many thousands of users being treated to comedy pop-up messages, and forced retweets of the bug.

Computer bug sends €10m worth of medication to the incinerator
A robot responsible for distributing medication to different parts of a French hospital has sent drugs and medical devices worth millions of euros to an incinerator as a result of a computer bug. The malfunction has affected the Centre Hospitalialier Universitaire (CHU) in Rennes for several years but was only revealed following an investigation by local magazine Le Mensuel de Rennes. The management of CHU has admitted that the problem is still ongoing.



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Amazon launches its Prime Music streaming service with 1m songs
Amazon is the latest internet giant to enter the streaming music market, debuting its Prime Music service in the US today. It’s being bundled into the existing Amazon Prime subscription service rather than launched as a standalone product. That means customers paying $99 for free shipping, streaming TV and films and Amazon’s “lending library” of e-books will now also be able to access Prime Music’s catalogue of streaming songs.
The Guardian


News-seeking Britons abandon computers for mobiles
Britons are rapidly abandoning computers as their main way to access digital news in favour of updates on smartphones and tablets, a major study of media habits has found. The proportion of consumers who mostly rely on a computer to get news online has fallen by 23 percentage points in the last year to 57pc, a report published today by Oxford University’s Reuters Institute says.
The Daily Telegraph


Kickstarter team up with the Guardian to showcase journalism work
Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has joined forces with the Guardian to publicise a new dedicated journalism category on its website together and highlight key projects. Launching today the functionality will allow journalists to seek financial backing for key projects just as it currently does for those in the technology and film sectors.
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