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UK consumers benefit from balanced and affordable broadband
The United Kingdom has one of the world’s most aggressively competitive broadband ISP markets and a new report from Point Topic helps to put this into some context by showing how we compare with other major countries and the variance of our tariffs. In terms of entry-level tariffs, we are ranked 7th in the world, albeit behind some odd front runners including Sudan, India and Belarus etc.


HTC may be launching the One M8 for Windows
As if HTC’s naming conventions for its flagships weren’t already awkward enough it looks like it might now be launching a flagship Windows Phone handset with the same name as its Android one. More specifically we might soon be getting an ‘HTC One M8 for Windows,’ which is a bit of a mouthful.
TechRadar UK


Good mobile signal tops young house buyers’ priorities
45 per cent of 18-35 year-olds rank mobile signal as the most important consideration when buying a new property, followed by crime (21 per cent), transport links (18 per cent) and schools (17 per cent). Among buyers aged 55 and over, mobile reception was considered less important, but 26 per cent still rated it as the most crucial factor.
Mobile Marketing Magazine



enterprise technology


Amazon throws its might behind 3D printing revolution
Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has launched the 3D Printed Products store, a marketplace with more than 200 unique print on-demand products, many that can be customised by material, size, styles and colour variations, and personalised with text and image imprints. With Amazon’s muscle, the marketplace can be considered to be one of the largest online places to discover 3D printed products.


Mozilla appoints Chris Beard as new CEO
Mozilla has installed a fulltime CEO to replace the controversial Brendan Eich, who was ousted earlier this year. Eich’s political views were the source of controversy then and Mozilla was forced to apologise for not considering the views of its users and the community when it hired him. Then, a temporary CEO was appointed, and that was the one time chief marketing officer Chris Beard.


Microsoft faces monopoly investigation in China
A Chinese investigation into Microsoft is probably targeting its “monopoly” of the country’s operating systems market, state media have said, after the US software company became the latest foreign firm to go under Beijing’s scrutiny. Microsoft confirmed in a statement late on Monday that it was under investigation in China, without disclosing details.
The Guardian



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Sarah Palin launches subscription based online news service
Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaskan and Republican vice presidential candidate, has launched her own subscription-only news service, which she says that she will oversee personally. The channel bills itself as a “direct connection” between Palin and her supporters, with her own political commentary and the chance for viewers to participate in online chats with Palin.
The Drum


Facebook to separate messaging from main app for all ‘within days’
Facebook is reportedly putting the final nail in the coffin of messaging via its main app. After successfully getting European users to download the new Messenger app in April, the social network will now move all remaining users across within days. “In the next few days, we’re continuing to notify more people that if they want to send and receive Facebook messages, they’ll need to download the Messenger app,” the company said in a statement.
Digital Spy


Puma hails low-key World Cup marketing for ‘excellent’ football sales
Puma has hailed its low-key World Cup push for “exceeding” sales targets for the event as it prepares to unveil its global marketing campaign to reassert its sporting credentials. The German business opted against a marketing blitz in favour of a blend of real-time marketing and the appearance of brand ambassadors such as Mario Balotelli to get cut through during the cluttered World Cup period.
Marketing Week



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