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Sprint drops bid for T-Mobile
According to press reports this morning, Sprint has dropped its bid to buy T-Mobile after opposition from regulators who want to keep the number of major US wireless operators at four. It’s not been officially confirmed yet by either side, but the major news outlets appear pretty certain.
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Apple and Samsung call a legal truce outside the US
Lawyers around the world for Apple and Samsung are in mourning today, as the two tech companies announce that they have decided to lay down their litigation pens and work side by side in technological engineering harmony (or maybe not, given the history). The exception, of course, is the United States, where the two companies will continue to sue the pants off each other until the bitter end, whatever that may be.


TFL looking for businesses to sponsor free wifi on buses
Transport for London (TfL) are testing the popularity of free wifi on two London bus routes, in the hope that businesses will sponsor the technology and enable a London-wide rollout. Bus passengers have access to free wifi on London buses as part of a TfL trial that began this morning.
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Poorly trained IT workers are ‘gateway for hackers’
UK universities are failing to teach enough computer security skills and are churning out IT graduates who present a “risk to their own organisation”, according to a senior NHS IT manager. Derrick Bates, senior information security officer at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust, said: “Some of today’s graduates may have an abstract knowledge of info security, but how many of them could spot a dodgy attachment, run a penetration test or crack a code?”
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Osborne vows to make London world’s centre for finance tech
Britain will offer prizes for finance technology innovators in a new bid to become the world’s leading centre for the sector, chancellor George Osborne will say today. The new drive will see UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) market the capital harder around the globe to attract more firms. And the Treasury, Bank of England and law enforcement bodies will get to work on a new framework for digital currencies such as Bitcoin.
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Osborne announces seven university technical colleges
Chancellor George Osborne has announced seven new university technical colleges (UTCs) and four new studio schools, backed by employers to equip young people with the skills needed to secure high-tech jobs in the IT and engineering sectors. The schools will provide 5,000 students aged 14-19 with technical or vocational-based education with curriculums developed by local businesses and universities.
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Snapchat and WhatsApp dominate photo sharing as Facebook plateaus
Snapchat and WhatsApp are now leading in the photo sharing department, ahead of Facebook and Instagram, according to new research. The study, from the KPCB 2014 Internet Trends report, looks at period of 2005 to 2014. Considering WhatsApp is just 2 years old, the speed of the shift from its new owner Facebook onto the mobile chat app is phenomenal.


Sainsbury’s simplifies digital presence as it shuts down non-food website
Sainsbury’s is shutting down its standalone non-food website and moving its general merchandise produce onto its grocery platform as it aims to simplify its digital presence and make shopping online more similar to the experience customers have in-store.
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Yahoo unveils Fantasy Football app ahead of new season
Yahoo have revealed a free new fantasy football app for Android and iOS, ahead of the 2014-15 season kick off later this month. The app, Yahoo Sport Fantasy Football, connects with Yahoo’s online game, which has been updated with real-time player updates, enhanced social interaction and a player pricing algorithm powered by big data. It has also introduced the Bundesliga and the Italian Series A leagues into its game.
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