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Vodafone market share hit by 4G prices
Vodafone faces calls to cut its tariffs over concerns it is pricing itself out of the increasingly competitive market for 4G mobile broadband, with BT preparing to pile on more pressure.
Daily Telegraph


Mobile operators ramp up their LTE network plans
Despite the early hype surrounding 5G, there’s plenty of life left in 4G. At the end of last month, there were commercial networks from 318 operators in 111 countries. The total number of commercial LTE networks is expected to be more than 350 by the end of this year.
Telecom TV


AT&T’s 1Gbps rollout rumbles on
AT&T made progress on its high-speed fibre strategy this week, increasing broadband speeds in Austin, Texas to 1 Gbps and sharing plans to upgrade its network in Miami. The U.S. telco commenced its Austin deployment in October 2013 but the peak connection speed of its broadband service – called U-verse with AT&T GigaPower – was limited to 300 Mbps.
Total Telecom



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National Crime Agency calls for public to update security software
The National Crime Agency (NCA) is launching a campaign to make people more aware of the dangers of being online without security software. According to the NHS, 40 per cent of adults don’t install security software on new computers and mobile devices, which increases the risk of cyber criminals accessing their private details.
Computer Weekly


Amazon undercuts Square and PayPal with mPOS launch
Amazon has made its widely anticipated move into the crowded mPOS market, launching its dongle and app-based contender with an aggressive pricing strategy that undercuts both Square and PayPal.


Microsoft to support fewer IE versions
Microsoft has started a 17-month campaign to upgrade customers to the newest version of Internet Explorer that their operating systems will support, which should make it simpler for the company to keep the browser secure because it will have fewer versions to deal with.


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Twitter extends ad offering with promoted video trial
Twitter has launched a beta trial of its Promoted Video ad service, which it claims offers brands an “easy” method to distribute video content and measure its effectiveness.


John Lewis to seek ‘romance’ in beacon technology before committing
John Lewis wants to see evidence that beacon technology can be used to prompt emotive, “romantic” responses for customers before it will commit to rolling it out to stores, as its high-street rival House of Fraser has done.
The Drum


UK mobile gamers spending double the global average
A report has found that UK mobile gamers are spending almost double the global average on online game microtransactions. The report focused on carrier billing, which is growing in popularity as more gamers choose the convenience of paying on their mobile phone bill over the traditional payment methods such as credit cards or PayPal.
Mobile Marketing


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