Liberty announces new business units to support its broader technology expertise

By 1st May 2012Agency News

London,  UK – 1st May 2012 – Liberty Communications Ltd, the global  technology marketing and PR agency announced today that it has unveiled the  roadmap for the next chapter of the agency’s growth and defined four dedicated  business divisions including Telecoms & Media, Enterprise, Clean Tech and  Consumer Tech.  These specialist divisions will work as businesses within  a business and carry their own P&L and headcount.


Since  Liberty’s inception in 1998, the agency has been best known for its expertise  in telecoms & media however new business acquisition has broadened out the  agency’s knowledge in a number of associated sectors.  Today the four  business units reflect Liberty’s capabilities across a wider technology  landscape.  Liberty offers its products and services across Media (public  relations and analyst relations and investor relations), Experiential (events  and showcases) and digital and social.


Liberty  also boasts a digital marketing offering which serves to integrate client  communications for more rounded campaigns and a corporate practise.   Liberty Consulting provides industry relations which is designed to offer  business development support to clients seeking a footprint in the European  marketplace.  Through its exclusive partnership with Decisive Media, the  agency also has access to vaults of multi-media assets such as videos,  vodcasts, virtual exhibitions and digital community portals.


Liberty’s  business units will be headed by Associate Director level technology  communication experts who will be targeted with a business development  portfolio.  Client services will continue to feature heavily right across  all of the business units and services capabilities building on Liberty’s ethos  of offering value added services with exceptional resources and the highest  levels of customer satisfaction.


Liberty’s  MD Dee Gibbs said; “It’s an incredibly exciting time for everyone associated  with Liberty.  We’re hiring, we’re winning important new clients and we’re  planning for growth”.


About Liberty Comms  Ltd For  over twelve years Liberty has been driving exciting and creative communications  for a client base which spans Telecoms and Media, Enterprise Software, Consumer  Technology and Cleantech. Companies work with us because in a complex and  dynamic world, we understand their businesses and know what it takes to make  them successful across the full marketing mix.


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