Is Samsung’s brand stifling the creativity of Android?

By 12th February 2013Company Blog

Android prides itself on being an open-source platform. This means manufacturers, developers and even users have more flexibility, in their ability to create the phone that best suits them. 


Brand or Ideology – what will win out?


Unlike iOS, the Android platform is also available on a range of phones, giving users a wealth of options to choose from.


This choice, and the allure of being able to customise has seen Android’s smartphone market share rise hugely in the last few years – Android’s market share rose 12.4% in 2012 alone. You would think this will mean good news for manufacturers on the platform but most are recording severe losses, with only one manufacturer, Samsung, turning over a profit.



At present, Samsung dominates the Android platform, accounting for 46% of the market share. For example, thirteen of the top twenty Android phones are Samsung phones, and the top seven are all Samsung phones.



As much as Samsung’s innovation is a shining light in the smartphone market, there is also a risk that its success could in turn lead to the demise of other manufacturers on the platform it has done so much to bring to the fore.



If the figures above are anything to go by, it seems like users are buying less into the open-source ideology originally championed by Android and more into the brand values of Samsung instead. There is a distinct possibility that users could be left with only two options; iOS or Samsung, rather than the wealth Android promised.


The current situation presents us with two possible scenarios: either Android manufacturers buck up their ideas and brings some competition to the market place or Samsung’s success will result in everyone else becoming mere supporting actors in the Samsung/Apple show.

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