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By 2nd January 2011Agency News

Congratulations are due to libertys Ryan Waters and Victoria Fertnig for receiving joint liberty honours with an unprecedented dual-award for Employee of the Month. Theyre not sharing the cash prize or day off either, theyre both getting £100 and a day off each!


The award demonstrates the extremely high regard that  Ryan and Vickis colleagues hold for the pair as they shared the votes for January.


Ryan has been with liberty for just over one year and has proved to be one of the most popular members of the team, despite winning infamy at Christmas with the peer-voted award as Grumpiest Staff Member.


Vicki, meanwhile, joined in October and as this award demonstrates is already a highly regarded member of the liberty family thanks largely to her work hard, play harder attitude.


It is unclear what Vicki is planning to spend her £100 prize on during her day off, but Ryan said he was planning to put the cash behind the bar of the Hand & Flower for his pals and that he would spend his day off working from home preparing coverage books after Mobil World Congress. What a gem!


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