Deep Digs – and we’re not talking about Richard III

By 11th February 2013Corporate Blog

When you work in the technology sector – as Liberty has for the last 15 years – you work with clients ranging from start-ups to established corporations and everything in between.  Briefs are often very similar in the broader sense – ‘we want to change the face of the sector’ and ‘we want to disrupt’ or ‘what we offer is totally unique’.


Richard III & the great communication challenge


In order to meet these ambitions, it’s not always enough to work with the news agenda alone.  As a communications agency, we need to do a deep dig on the company as a whole; in other words look at the brand, its positioning, how it relates to competitors, and lay the groundwork for a new set of communication challenges.



It’s a joined up approach that we, as an industry, have been talking about for a while, but still there are client companies that split the roles of strategic brand development, and communications through owned, bought and earned media.  At Liberty we believe it’s essential to be involved in the entire brand journey and industry positioning work, because whether we like it or not, the credibility of a communication will be judged as a package, not just as a headline in a press release, a slogan on an ad or a claim made on LinkedIn – it all has to work together.



This brand development can apply to brand extensions, straplines and divisional positioning; it’s rarely about a major overhaul anyway, no matter the size of the business. We’ve created entire industry events for billion dollar global clients to meet strategic goals – extending the brand, coming up with an event name, developing full brand guidelines and producing collateral.



If your technology business needs a communication consultancy, expect us to dig a little deeper than you might expect; we may just uncover something vitally important about the way you talk about your brand.

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