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By 14th November 2012Agency News


In a recent interview with Metro, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos said that he is taking the 10,000-year view.


Among other amazing extra-curricular activities such as a privately funded space exploration company, he has just spent $42m building a clock inside a Texan mountain that aims to run for 10,000 years. Not only that, it emits daily chimes created by Brian Eno. Very cool.


One of the fantastic things about technology PR is that there are lots of people like Jeff Bezos, revolutionaries who have made huge amounts of money developing new ways of doing things and who are only just getting into their stride.


But the passion is not just about space rockets and giant clocks. Bill and Melinda Gates, through their foundation, are using technology to change millions of lives, for example with a toilet that uses no water. This is technology at its very best.


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