Context is key for Liberty Communications and Emagine International

By 3rd February 2014Agency News


Integrated digital communications consultancy Liberty Communications today announced that it has won duties for the launch of Emagine International, a specialty provider of real-time contextual customer marketing software and managed services, in the U.S., North America, and Europe.

Emagine International


Emagine works with communication service providers (CSPs) worldwide to reduce customer churn and increase revenue through its proprietary Adaptive Contextual Marketing platform. The result for CSPs is true “Marketing to One®.”


Liberty’s remit includes positioning Emagine and its senior executives as thought leaders in campaign management, customer value management and contextual marketing. Additionally, the agency will build awareness of Emagine’s expertise in mobile.


“Technology is now at the point where it can live up to the promise of one-to-one marketing made in the ‘80s. The market has moved beyond segments to the individual, making campaign management all the more relevant,” explained Dave Peters, Emagine International’s CEO and founder. “Combine this with the increasing need for CSPs to differentiate themselves in a saturated marketplace and this is a great time for us to be talking about what we do and how we can help Operators increase revenue and improve their customer experience. We’re really pleased to be working with Liberty to do that.”


“Emagine International has been creating best practice campaigns for 15 years. The way it works with its customers, investing time and effort to create trusted relationships for the long term, is very similar to the way our agency works with clients. We’re looking forward to making this partnership a tremendous success,” said Dee Gibbs, founder and global CEO of Liberty Communications.



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