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By 10th September 2012Corporate Blog

It was a sunny day almost three years ago that myself, Mitch Lazar and Graeme Ferguson were sitting on the terrace bar in the Century Club ploughing through our second bottle of Sauvignon Blanc when we got into a discussion on how we loathed networking events.



Perhaps being jaded 40 something’s had a lot to do with it, we had all been to hundreds of networking over the years but the thought of wearing a name badge and being sold to by a 19 year old whipper snapper was no longer our idea of a fun networking event. And there you have it – networking events had become boring oversubscribed sales pitches.


We have an idea! Let’s start our own event. Let’s bring fun back into networking and let’s meet people we actually want to meet. And with that the Centurions was born and suitably named after the bar we were drinking in.


Three years on, 2000+ members later, events in London, New York, Munich and Istanbul has proved our theory right! Networking events can be fun.


There are two things that make a good networking event,1) the venue, 2) the people. All our events have been in incredible venues, in London our home is the Century Club but we recently had an exclusive event on the top floor bar of The Gherkin. The uber cool Standard Hotel in NY and Munich’s hottest club The Heart Bar have hosted past events. VIP Invitation only has kept the quality of our members a ‘who’s who’ of the digital entertainment industry.
Deals have been struck, friends have been made and drinks have been drunk. We welcome you to join our growing membership and to network your heart out at one of our events. Come and join us at www.centurionsconnected.com


Tony Pearce
Centurions Co-Founder

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