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By 7th January 2014Company Blog

The Consumer Electronics Show kicks off this week in Las Vegas, designed to showcase the very latest innovations in technology.



While not all of the gadgets showcased at the event are destined for success, the show has been heralded as the platform for innovators and breakthrough technologists for the last 40 years – and this year, experts are expecting to see wearable technologies and connected devices take centre stage.


From health trackers, smart watches, socks, hats and glasses, reports suggest that wearable technology has gone from a futuristic fantasy to a mainstream occurrence, with many exhibitors set to unveil new and exciting devices to capitalise on the interest in this type of technology in 2014.  In an attempt to stay ‘always on’, consumers are eager to get their hands on the next piece of kit that enables them to browse, socialise, bank, buy and book on the go.


Not what you’d call an early adopter, I’m not expecting to don a pair of Google glasses for my morning commute this year – I’ve only just joined the tablet revolution, and still feel uncomfortable carrying the high ticket item in public – however, the evolution of the connected device does intrigue me.


Fast becoming a mainstream term, the internet of things will see every day devices and electronics connected in an internet-like structure.  The ease of being able to turn on the shower or kettle from my smartphone before I get out of bed in the morning, turn on the washing machine so clothes are clean and dry when I get home or turn off the lights I forgot to while I’m on the bus to work all sounds very appealing.  Some of the devices set to be unveiled at CES this year will allow users to do just this.


Connecting multiple devices in this way, won’t come without its challenges though, with many already questioning the security implications of a breach of this much personal data.  This is true of many new technologies though.  With my own desire for an easy life aside – a connected world also facilitates a cheaper and more efficient operation of devices, not to mention the advantages of being able to accurately and remotely monitor health and fitness.  Early adopter or not, this is a technology I’ll be keeping a close eye on in 2014.

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