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Android still rules the roost for mobile security threats
Android might dominate the smartphone market, but that position comes at the price of being the most targeted platform for mobile security threats. A new report by F-Secure shows that over 99 per cent of new mobile threats detected by the security firm in the first quarter of 2014 were on Android.


Sky profits drop thanks to BT and Netflix competition
UK satellite TV broadcaster Sky have seen profit and broadband subscriber numbers fall for the first time as they face stiff competition from rivals and internet based streaming providers. The fall marks the first drop in 15 years for the broadcaster as traditional TV stalls in the face of new and cheaper technology and the ever present risk of users cutting the cord.
World TV PC


UK telecoms infrastructure used to support controversial US drone operations
The UK’s telecommunications infrastructure is being used as part of a global defence intelligence network that the US government uses for controversial drone operations and other military purposes. Human rights experts say the UK’s involvement is the digital equivalent of allowing secret US rendition flights to land at UK military sites, or permitting the US government to launch air strikes from its airforce bases in the UK – actions for which the UK has in the past been heavily criticised.
Computer Weekly



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Google facing new lawsuit relating to US mobile web search
Consumer rights law firm Hagens Berman said it filed a nationwide antitrust class-action lawsuit against Google alleging the company “illegally monopolised” the internet and mobile search market in the US. The lawsuit alleges that Google has expanded its monopoly of the internet search market by pre-loading its applications onto Android mobile devices through its Mobile Application Distribution Agreements.
IT Pro


Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple are revolting…
It looks like the tech companies are revolting against US government spooks and their demands for data. According to the Washington Post, if the government demands your personal, private email or other data, MicrosoftGoogleFacebookApple, and others are reportedly taking steps to notify you faster and more frequently than they did in the past.


‘Government is not listening,’ say IT SMEs
The government is “nowhere near” meeting its SME spending targets, according to Zoe Cunningham, managing director of software company Softwire. The government has an ‘aspiration’ for SMEs to gain 25 per cent of Whitehall spending. It updated this in August 2013, saying it aims for ‘at least’ 50 per cent of spending on new government IT to go to SMEs.



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Snapchat debuts self-destructing video and instant messages
ShapChat has expanded from pictures into video and text messaging- taking on the likes of WhatsApp and WeChat. The new features, collectively called Chat, let users swipe the name of one of their friends in their Snapchat contact list to start a text conversation. Instant messages can be saved individually by tapping on them while users can also take a screenshot of conversations to save them, Snapchat said in a blog post on Thursday.


#savebloomfm campaign begins as music streaming site closes suddenly
Music app has closed after its main investor TNT pulled its backing for the channel, although a search has begun for a buyer in order to save the service. After 15 months in operation, the music streaming service released a short statement yesterday to say: “We’ll keep this short because we’re pretty shell-shocked, it’s game over for”The company explained: ”Our investor, who’s been along for the ride since day one, has unexpectedly pulled our funding.
The Drum


Box TV launches ‘industry first, laser-focused’ online ad solution
Box TV has launched an alternative online advertising solution where brands can target audiences by channel and environment using viewer data. Using in-stream ad-replacement technology developed by Yospace, with ad decisioning performed by Tremor Video, replacement adverts will be introduced into its simulcast and then app streams in real-time.
Music Week


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