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Happy 20th Birthday to display advertising! How far creative advertising and marketing technologies have come…

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This year the display advertisement celebrated its 20th birthday – which is quite remarkable when you think about it!


Back in 1994, AT&T became the first company ever to launch a banner- ad which appeared on – now known as WIRED – and the advertising industry changed forever.


In this modern age of digital marketing, where advertisers are afforded multiple channels through which to reach their target audience, it feels very odd to imagine a time before advertisements were popping up on your computer screen or mobile device. The advent of new technologies has brought about an exciting new era of marketing possibilities and brands are becoming more and more creative with it.


The ways in which marketers are able to interact and engage with a target audience continues to evolve in line with the new technologies that make it all possible, and this is applicable both online and in a bricks and mortar in-store environment. Whether via real-time push notifications sending offers and incentives through tools such as iBeacons, or click and collect services made available through an app on your mobile device, the purpose of advertising and marketing tools nowadays is centred on making the whole experience more convenient and essentially better for the end user. AT&T’s banner-ad may look very simple now, but that humble beginning paved the way for the display advertising industry as we now know it.


Thanks to the data which can now be acquired through display advertising and marketing tools, whether it is through measuring click rates, frequent searches and dwell times, brands and businesses are now able to gain a better understanding of their client base and can begin to communicate with them on a more personalised and contextual level. These data analytics also encourage marketers to be regularly accessing and re-evaluating their marketing strategies, ensuring that the content is always fresh and relevant.


The world of creative advertising has come a long way in 20 years and it isn’t just about selling a product or raising the awareness of a brand. Display advertising is now an invaluable tool for enhancing engagement and as new technologies continue to emerge, marketers are only going to get more creative with their strategies. Here’s to all the exciting developments another 20 years will bring!


Geemo selects Liberty Communications for awareness building programme across the UK

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Liberty Communications, the integrated digital marketing communications agency, today announced that it has been appointed by innovative proximity marketing specialist Geemo to raise awareness of its proximity marketing solutions in the UK.



Focusing specifically on beacon, ibeacon, geo-fencing and location management technology, the campaign will target events and experiential agencies, marketers and retailersLiberty’s remit also includes positioning Geemo and its senior executives as thought leaders in the proximity marketing space.


Using Geemo’s technology, brands with physical locations such as retail stores, visitor attractions and sports venues can target consumers directly with digital messages, information and offers sent to their smartphone based on their geographical location. Through employing Geemo’s solutions to communicate directly with in-location consumers, marketers can gain a much deeper understanding of their customers, helping them to deliver relevant, engaging content and incentives. Using heat maps of most visited areas, companies can also build an accurate picture of customer behaviour, enabling insights that previously would only have been available through expensive monitoring studies.


The Geemo platform is accompanied by a range of services from the company’s development partner, WeAreApps, who specialise in building apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and HTML5. WeAreApps already has a strong heritage through its work with leading brands such as Ford, Avon, Cadbury, and Penguin.


Ian Malone, CEO of Geemo said, “This is a very exciting time for us as we look to embark on our first PR campaign to support Geemo, and our innovative suite of proximity marketing solutions.  We have a great deal of expertise within our team and are looking forward to using this to convey a strong thought leadership position over the coming months. Having spoken with a number of agencies, we judged Liberty to be best positioned to communicate our story, expertise and technology to a wider market. We’re looking forward to working with the team for a successful 2014 and beyond.”


Dee Gibbs, Founder and Global CEO at Liberty added, “Geemo has a very strong proposition and client base and we’re thrilled to be working with them to build their UK presence and make them the ‘go to’ resource for media covering proximity marketing. We have a strong heritage in not only the mobile marketing space, but also in reaching vertical sectors like retail and the events industry.  We’re delighted to be working in partnership with Geemo and are keen to use our network and experience to support their business goals in the UK.”


Liberty Communications was appointed after a competitive pitch process which took place in August.

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Telefonica ready to take part in further Brazil M&A deals
Telefonica, owner of the largest wireless carrier in Brazil, is prepared to take part in further consolidation in the country’s phone-service market as rivals consider combinations. Latin America’s biggest phone-service market is gearing up for more mergers as Oi SA, Brazil’s fourth-biggest wireless carrier, is considering a bid for larger Tim Participacoes. People familiar with the matter said in August that Oi’s adviser Banco BTG Pactual was trying to get Telefonica and America Movil to team up with Oi on a mostly cash offer to acquire Tim from Telecom Italia and break it up.


Orange CEO Says U.K.’s EE Venture ‘Not Long Term’
Orange SA Thursday said EE, its U.K. mobile joint venture with Deutsche Telekom AG, isn’t sustainable in its current form in the long term, casting fresh doubts over the future of Britain’s biggest wireless operator.
Wall Street Journal


Smartphone data to explode to 17 exabytes annually by 2020
Smartphone traffic will create over 17 exabytes of data by the year 2020, marking an eightfold increase on current levels, according to Ericsson. An exabyte is a thousand million gigabytes. Ericsson made the estimate in its latest Mobility Report, claiming that a spike in mobile subscriptions will spearhead the data explosion. The report estimated that 4G LTE subscriptions will grow from 7.1 billion to 9.5 billion by 2020. The figure means that 90 percent of the world’s population aged six and older will have a mobile device by 2020.



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HSBC launches Paym for business
HSBC has launched Paym capabilities to its business customers this week, enabling them to receive payments using mobile phone numbers. The capability was introduced to the more than 600,000 firms using HSBC’s Business Internet Banking service.
Computer Weekly


Molecular flash memory could store massive data
Novel molecules could help flash memory move beyond its storage limits, allowing for massive amounts of data to be recorded in small spaces, according to European scientists. Metal-oxide clusters that can retain electrical charge and act as RAM could form a new basis for data cells used in flash memory, the researchers from the University of Glasgow’s Schools of Chemistry and Engineering and Rovira i Virgili University in Spain wrote in a letter published in Nature.


Women ‘belittled, underappreciated and underpaid’ in tech industry
A survey of Guardian readers working in the technology sector has revealed that almost three quarters of women respondents say the industry is sexist, with many more reporting they had been denied promotions and equal pay. Responses from people around the world found a significant disparity in the number of men and women working across the industry, with acute problems at higher career levels suggesting deep cultural and structural change is needed to modernise the industry.



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Research finds multi-screening now mainstream
To mark World Television Day on Friday, November 21, TV organisations from around Europe have brought together the latest statistics to reveal how TV and social media complement each other. The research found that multi-screening now mainstream. During peaktime viewing in the UK, 74 percent claim to have picked up an internet connected device during TV ad breaks, with very little difference between age groups, social demographics or gender (Craft/Thinkbox ‘Screen Life: TV advertising everywhere’, 2014)
BroadbandTV News


Mobile video to account for 65 percent of wireless traffic by 2019
Global average mobile traffic generated per user per month will expand from 275 megabytes in 3Q 2014 to 1.85 gigabytes in 2019, with video expected to reach 65 percent of this within five years says an ABI Research survey. However before operators rub their hands in expectation of a cash bonanza, the analyst warns that the consumption of mobile telecom services by consumers is no longer proportional to the revenue generated for mobile operators, noting that in many countries, 4G LTE tariff plans have been introduced at the same price points as their 3G tariff plans.


Internet access to hit 3 billion worldwide by 2015

More than three billion people will have Internet access by next year, according to a new study. Estimates by eMarketer indicate that 42.4 percent of the global population will be online in 2015, an increase of 6.2 percent compared with this year.

Liberty Communications Expands US Client Roster

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Liberty Communications, the integrated technology PR and digital communications agency, announced today that it has been selected by InReality, a retail and service innovation firm, to manage public relations and help build its presence in North America.


Working with brands like The Home Depot, Tempur-Pedic and Bridgestone, InReality helps clients bring their brands to life and drive results by identifying and shrinking the reality gaps between their brand’s promises and their customers’ actual experiences and expectations.


Through its end-to-end solutions, InReality empowers its clients with measurable and meaningful results and builds stronger, more enduring relationships between brands and their customers. Gary Lee, president and chief executive office at InReality said “As the entire retail industry rethinks its positioning and value to customers across both brick-and-mortar and online stores, selecting Liberty to help build our brand’s presence made sense for us. Liberty’s vast experience within the retail and CRM sector will enable us to expand and educate the industry on the vast “reality gaps” that often exist between brands and consumers, and how InReality’s innovative solutions can help our clients close these gaps.” Scott Beaver, vice president and general manager at Liberty Comms Inc commented, “We’re thrilled to be working with InReality.  This is an exciting value proposition and market segment and we’re looking forward to using our customer experience knowledge and expertise to help strengthen awareness for InReality.  We look forward to partnering with InReality to educate retailers and brands on how they can improve the customer experience.”


This latest North America win for Liberty builds on what has already been a successful year. With a new office in San Francisco serving the west coast and a widened team to support its growing client base, Liberty is establishing a truly global offering for its clients. Liberty is also represented in New York, London and Barcelona with a worldwide partner network offering support in all regions of the globe.