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Liberty Communications Expands Team with Senior Hire to Accelerate US Growth

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Liberty Communications, the integrated technology PR and digital communications agency, today announced the appointment of Scott Beaver to oversee the expansion of its global footprint to San Francisco.

Mr Beaver will be joining Liberty as vice president and general manager, and will be responsible for leading the growth of Liberty US, existing client and new business development, and managing the new San Francisco office.

Mr. Beaver’s background includes leading strategic public relations programs for a range of global technology companies. Previously he was a member of the senior leadership team at Bateman Group, where he oversaw new business initiatives and managed communications for early- to late-stage technology companies including Braintree (acquired by eBay), WeChat (owned by Tencent), Xamarin, and Zenprise (acquired by Citrix). Prior to that, he spent five years at Sard Verbinnen & Co. where he managed crisis, financial and investor communications for companies including Alibaba Group, Elevation Partners, Facebook and SurveyMonkey.

As part of the expansion, Liberty is opening their new US office in San Francisco’s SOMA neighbourhood. Liberty will continue to add to its west coast headcount and is currently recruiting at all levels. Using the San Francisco office as a hub, Liberty plans to replicate the success of its European business, which is headquartered in London, UK.

“We are very excited to welcome Scott on board as we expand and develop our brand in the US and support our clients, including our flagship customer, Nutanix,” said Dee Gibbs, CEO, global, Liberty Communications. “Scott brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm and strategic thinking which will be of great benefit to our client base in the US market.”

Are you sitting comfortably? The art of brand communications

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Communication is an art. Great communicators have the power to really engage with their audience and captivate their attention, encouraging them to buy into both their brand and their message.

On the other hand, it is not an ability that comes naturally to everyone. To those not naturally skilled at communication, it might look like everything good communicators say is improvised and off the cuff, whereas in reality they’ve probably told the same story a thousand times, know exactly how it sounds, what the typical reactions are and how to tweak it for each audience.


Whilst undoubtedly some do have a natural gift, the techniques used by good communicators can be learned. So, whether you’re talking to the press, writing to shareholders, or communicating what your brand’s all about on your website, these ten techniques can help you create your happily ever after business story….


Liberty’s Top Ten Tips for Crafting and Presenting a Fantastic Brand Story

  1. First things first, get your messaging right. It’s important to establish how you want the audience to perceive your brand, and make sure that what you’re saying is in line with this.

  3. Secondly, stand out. Make sure your message is distinctive and that you know why your brand or product beats others on the market, and why your audience should listen to what you’re saying. Journalists, investors, consumers and other stakeholders will have lots of other companies competing for their attention, so what you’re saying needs to be memorable.

  5. Once you’ve established a message, be consistent with it. Make sure all content and spokespeople are aligned with the company’s messaging to ensure that what you’re saying doesn’t become confused or diluted by conflicting voices.

  7. When crafting content or preparing for an interview be credible. Provide tangible evidence to support your claims and show they aren’t over-hyped.

  9. Make sure to talk in simple terms and easily understood concepts. Speak directly to your customers’ needs, and don’t use industry jargon that could get lost.

  11. Whether writing content or speaking to an audience, make sure that you have a great beginning and an end. No one’s going to remember every element of a story, but the beginning and end should stick with an audience. The start should be attention-grabbing, while the end should leave your listeners with key messages to take away.

  13. Chronology isn’t important, so you don’t need to start at the beginning, especially as, generally speaking, the interesting bits are unlikely to be the things that happened first. Nor do you need to detail every step of your journey like a historical journey. Instead, give your story an interesting trajectory that builds to the conclusion.

  15. Give it some personality. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking to or trying to reach, the number one thing to remember is that they are all human beings with their own thoughts, feelings and emotional triggers (no matter how hard they’re trying to hide them). Facts, figures and proof points are important, especially for the left-brain thinkers out there, but they’re not the be all and end all. Emotion has proven to be an effective marketing tool so whatever your company’s area of expertise, relate it to personal experience in some way and create a degree of emotive contact. People buy from people after all, and genuine sentiment goes a long way to belief in you and your brand.

  17. Show not tell. The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is more than the product of folk wisdom. In the age of digital and social media, the importance of imagery and short, snappy messages has sky-rocketed.

  19. If you’re talking to a live audience, be it at a press conference, speaking at a congress or even a webinar, practice really does make perfect!


The Liberty team know how important it is to communicate the right message to the right audience, so whether it’s support with content creation, branding, or knowing how to talk to your target audience, we can help! To talk to someone from the Liberty team about what we can do to sell your brand’s story, please call us on +44(0) 207 751 4444.


liberty news

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Apple Pay’s next move could be phone-to-phone payments
The launch this week of Apple Pay is giving many people their first taste of NFC payment technology, which allows them to buy things in a store by bringing an iPhone 6 close to a compatible terminal. But the NFC standard also allows payments to be made directly between smartphones. Apple and its competitors, such as Google Wallet, don’t offer support for that part of the standard, but the technology already exists inside many of today’s NFC-equipped phones and could one day allow retailers to accept NFC payment using smartphones.
ComputerWorld UK


Huawei doubles its premium smartphone shipments globally
Huawei said third-quarter smartphone shipments jumped 26 per cent year-on-year, doubling the number of devices it shipped in the high-margin premium market dominated by Samsung and Apple. The Shenzhen-based firm, which is also the world’s second-largest telecoms equipment maker – and the third largest smartphone maker – shipped 16.8m units globally in the quarter ending 30 September, according to Huawei’s filings.


China Telecom, Unicom to build content delivery firm
China Telecom Corp and China Unicom Hong Kong could soon jointly invest in a new content delivery network (CDN) company that would speed up Chinese users’ Internet access, a Chinese paper reported on Friday. The proposed firm would be run by China Telecom’s cloud computing subsidiary, according to a 21st Century Business Herald report citing an unnamed senior China Telecom employee. Rumours of a CDN joint venture between the country’s second- and third-largest carriers have existed for more than year.
Business Times Singapore



enterprise technology


Airbnb valued at $13 billion
Online home-rental marketplace Airbnb Inc valuation is set to be valued at $13 billion (8.11 billion pounds), up from its $10 billion valuation in March this year, as it discusses an employee stock sale, according to a report by the Wall Street Journal. Airbnb has met with investors to sell employee shares, and the funds from the sale would go to the employees rather than raising any new capital for the company, the report said, citing two people familiar with the matter.


MasterCard to offer free Wi-Fi to cardholders visiting Britain
MasterCard will offer its customers free Wi-Fi when travelling abroad as part of its Priceless Cities initiative. Customers can download a mobile app, developed by BSkyB-owned company The Cloud, before travelling, which will allow them to use the more than 22,000 Wi-Fi hotspots available in the UK.
Computer Weekly


Government allocates £3 million to fund online piracy fighting
The government has allocated a further £3 million to fund the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) until 2017, in a move reflecting the growing challenges posed by online piracy and copyright infringement. Announcing the funding, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, Minister for Intellectual Property, said: “This important investment, funded by the Intellectual Property Office, will enable the unit to become truly established.”



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BBC America now almost half-owned by US cable company AMC
BBC America has just become much more American, after US cable television broadcaster AMC acquired a 49.9 per cent stake in the business. BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, sold the minority share for $200 million, in a deal which will allow BBC America to cut costs as the same time as gaining access to AMC’s creative team.
Daily Telegraph


Facebook launches Rooms app for anonymous sharing of interests
Facebook has taken the wraps off a new app for iOS called Rooms that brings people together around their interests. A “room” is a feed of photos, videos and text like Facebook or Instagram, but the focus is on a single topic chosen by the person who created it.
USA Today


Groupon unveils merchant self-promotion with ‘Pages’
Groupon has launched more than 7m listings for merchants through a new service called Pages, which aims to transform the site into a resource for ratings, tips and deals for local businesses in the US. Groupon is to use the new pages as a platform to publish more than 20 million validated ratings and tips from real customers that it has already gathered, highlighting the unique aspects of local businesses.
Mobile Marketing

liberty news

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Telefonica said to cut about 20 per cent of German jobs after E-Plus
Telefonica SA plans to eliminate about 20 per cent of its workforce in Germany following the completion of its $11 billion takeover of wireless carrier E-Plus this month, a person with knowledge of the matter said. While a final number hasn’t been decided, 20 per cent would be equivalent to more than 1,800 full-time positions, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t public. The cuts will be made over the next four years, the person said.


Telecom Italia says news of network spin-off unfounded
Shortly after Telecom Italia’s chairman strongly rejected reports that the Italian government was planning to spin off its fixed-line network, the operator issued a statement confirming that the speculation was “wholly without foundation both in terms of the company’s industrial plans, and from a legislative point of view.” According to the report in Italian daily La Repubblica, the government was studying a plan to use its ‘golden power’ veto to force a network separation and sell a 40 percent stake in the resulting company to state-backed holding entity Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP).


EE set to launch commercial LTE-A by end of month
Following Vodafone’s carrier aggregation announcement , an EE spokesperson confirmed to it is also switching on its LTE-A (Cat 6) offering, which should be available in central London by the end of this month. EE’s LTE-A service will be based on carrier aggregation consisting of 2×10 MHz in the 1800 MHz band and 2×10 MHz in the 2.6 GHz band. The service is already live in London’s Tech City, where it has been run as a pilot scheme since late last year. The 2×5 MHz of precious, long-range 800 MHz EE won the 4G auction reserved for rural use and will also host EE’s VoLTE trials, which it still hopes to commence before the end of this year.



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Anonymous sharing app Whisper under a cloud over user location data
Anonymous sharing app Whisper has come under a cloud after a newspaper report charged it with tracking the location of its users, including those who have asked not to be followed. Whisper, which is described as a platform to anonymously share “innermost thoughts, secrets, and feelings,” is one of many privacy focused applications that became attractive after revelations last year by former National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, that the agency was secretly tracking people online both in the U.S. and abroad.


Disappointing results sink Tata Consultancy Services in Mumbai
Shares in software outsourcer Tata Consultancy Services dropped as much as 8 per cent on Friday morning, following unexpectedly weak quarterly results from India’s largest IT group by revenue. On Thursday, TCS reported net profits of Rs53bn ($855m) in the quarter ending in September, up 14 per cent year-on-year but below the Rs54.7bn forecast by Thomson Reuters.
Financial Times


Facebook doubles bug bounty for advertising code flaws
Facebook has revealed that researchers who uncover problems in its advertising code will receive double bug bounties, at least until the end of the year. The decision to double the bug bounties for advertising code flaws indicates the importance of advertising to Facebook’s bottom line. The decision was revealed in a blog posting by Collin Greene, a security engineer at Facebook. “Starting today and extending through the end of 2014, all Whitehat bugs in our ads code will receive double bounties,” Greene wrote.



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Twitter’s Music Card now plays in its mobile apps
Twitter hit a bum note with its Twitter Music service, but everyone’s favourite 140-character social network is keen as ever to light up users’ timelines with the sound of music after it launched a spiffy new update to its music card. The company already has a card that lets you play tracks in-tweet when you post a link to Soundcloud, but it now supports mobile play — via the official Twitter apps for iOS and Android — and it can be ‘docked’, meaning that your tracks continue to play while you use the mobile apps, or peruse your timeline on the desktop web.


Amazon expands grocery delivery service to Brooklyn Inc is expanding its online grocery delivery programme to Brooklyn’s well-heeled Park Slope neighbourhood on Friday, giving the No. 1 U.S. online retailer a foothold in one of the wealthiest and densest markets in the United States. The AmazonFresh programme, which offers same-day or next-day delivery on more than 500,000 items including fresh and frozen groceries, will soon expand to other areas in Brooklyn.


Dramatic increase in multitasking during TV viewing
Advanced television entertainment market specialist TiVo has revealed results from its Second Annual TiVo Multitasking and Social TV Survey which indicate a dramatic increase in multitasking during TV viewing: over half of the 856 survey respondents reported multitasking every time or almost every time they watch TV (51 per cent); compared to just over one third (36 per cent) in last year’s survey.
Advanced Television

Liberty news

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 Vodafone India wins transfer pricing case
Vodafone scored a victory in India on Friday when the Bombay high court ruled it does not have to pay a 32 billion rupee (€412 million) tax bill. The order was issued in December 2013 to Vodafone India Services Private Limited (VIPSL), a Pune-based subsidiary that provides support services to Vodafone’s various operating businesses. It related to transfer pricing – the practice of setting the fees that divisions within the same company, or subsidiaries owned by the same parent, charge one another for goods and services.
Total Telecom


European Commission scraps fixed voice regulation, redefines broadband markets
The European Commission has scrapped all regulation relating to the retail market for access to fixed telephony and the wholesale market for fixed call origination. It has also redefined two wholesale broadband markets. The changes to fixed voice regulation, which come into effect immediately, reflect consumers moving to mobile, VoIP and OTT solutions.
European Communications


Customer growth continues for Telecom Plus
Telecom plus has reported continued growth for the half year to 30 September, with performance in line with expectations for the year. In a trading statement released today, the British utility supplier said its customer and service numbers were up by 13 and 14 per cent, respectively. Second quarter growth followed on from a successful first quarter. For the half year, customer numbers rose by a total of 34,733.
City AM


enterprise technology

Symantec to split into separate storage and security firms
Security vendor Symantec has announced that it is to split into two, following a similar announcement by HP last week. The two new firms will both be publicly traded with one concentrating on security and the other on storage. The security side of business generated revenue of $4.2bn (£2.6bn) in fiscal year 2014, and Symantec says the ongoing business will include: consumer and enterprise endpoint security; endpoint management; encryption; mobile; Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates; user authentication; mail, web and data centre security; data loss prevention; hosted security; and managed security services.


IT skills shortage pushes Pret to the cloud
Access to the right digital skills is a major challenge for Pret A Manger’s IT department, forcing it to harness third-party cloud platforms to bypass the UK’s skills gap, the company’s tech head has said. Andy Chalklin, director of IT at the retailer, told V3 in an interview at the ServiceNow 2014 NowForum that sourcing the right skills is “probably my number one challenge”. He explained that people with high levels of coding skills would not really consider a retail company as the most obvious place to put their abilities to the test.


Infosys shares bounce ahead of strategy update
Shares in Infosys jumped 6 per cent on Friday as the Indian IT bellwether reported an improvement in margins and a bonus share issue, as investors await guidance from the company’s new chief executive. Vishal Sikka, who took the reins in August, is expected to outline his strategy later today, as the former SAP executive looks to revive the struggling outsourcer with new high-growth software development in areas such as cloud computing and data analytics.
Financial Times


media news

Ofcom updates on ‘White Space’ trials
Ofcom has reported on the status of plans for the introduction of new ‘white space’ wireless technology in the UK – the first country in Europe likely to do so. A number of trials are taking place across the country, with the latest organisations to launch TV trials using the technology to stream live footage of animals to YouTube. This technology uses gaps in radio spectrum that exist in between frequency bands, called white space, to offer new wireless applications that will benefit consumers and businesses.
Advanced Television


Amazon to open physical store in NYC
Amazon is reportedly planning to open its first-ever bricks-and-mortar location in New York City. The e-commerce titan is beavering away at renovating a space at 7 West 34th Street in Manhattan, across from the Empire State Building and a block away from the Macy’s department store’s flagship location. Sources say the site won’t be a traditional retail store as such, in that it won’t be a place where customers go to ring up purchases at cash registers. Instead, it will act as a “mini-warehouse” where customers can pick up online orders, as well as stocking a limited amount of product for same-day delivery within New York.
The Register


Online shopping sees 30 per cent rise between midnight and 6am, study says
Britons are so addicted to shopping that many are glued to their smartphones when most of their neighbours are asleep – buying games consoles, Lego and pillows. A study of tens of thousands of purchases made at John Lewis last year provides a barometer of changing trends and tastes – with the results painting a surprising picture of a nation of peacock dressers who take their lifestyle cues from popular TV shows, films and social media trends.
The Guardian

Liberty News

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Nokia and du claim Middle East’s first VoLTE
Nokia Networks and UAE-based telco du claim to have successfully connected the region’s first voice over LTE (VoLTE) call on a commercial network. The implementation of Nokia’s VoLTE solution and professional services on du’s network took just 80 days, which the Finnish vendor claims is the world’s fastest deployment of VoLTE.


India Skype ban to start in November
Fixed-line and mobile phone users will no longer be able to use Skype to make domestic calls in India from next month, the Internet telephony specialist announced this week. “As of 10 November 2014, if you are in India, calling from Skype to mobiles and landlines within India will unfortunately no longer be available,” Skype said in a statement.
Total Telecom


AT&T data thief fired after accessing private customer accounts
AT&T has written to a select few subscribers warning that an employee gained access to restricted customer files earlier this year, potentially viewing private information. No possible motivation for the breach has been given. The network has subsequently fired the person in question, and offered those people affected a level of compensation. A copy of the letter has been published online in template form, by the Attorney General of Vermont, which confirms the data breach took place in August this year.
Digital Trends


enterprise technology

Adobe and Microsoft team up to make creative touch software
The Adobe Max conference is currently underway in Los Angeles. What we saw yesterday was an uncharacteristic cosying up between Adobe and Microsoft, as the respective CEOs Shantanu Narayen and Satya Nadella announced collaborative projects. The partnership will see key Adobe creative apps such as Photoshop and Illustrator “designed for use with touch, rather than having touch support grafted onto it,”


Hopeful hybrideer Reducio grabs more cash for disk+flash
A late-coming hybrid flash/disk array startup, Reduxio, has acquired $15m in additional funding to build a better box. Three hybrid array companies are going gang-busters. Post-IPO Nimble Storage and pre-IPO Tegile and Tintri are all growing at triple-digit rates, as they tear into the mainstream array suppliers’ customer bases.
The Register


European Commission open investigation into Amazon’s dealings with Luxembourg
EU authorities are taking a hard look at Amazon’s tax affairs in Luxembourg, according to Reuters. The European Commission reportedly believes that Luxembourg’s 2003 tax ruling might be instrumental in allowing Amazon’s local subsidiary Amazon EU Sarl to lower its taxable profit. The in-depth probe is only the latest in the European Commission’s attempts to investigate potential tax issues within its realm in relation to big corporations such as Apple, Starbucks, and Fiat.
The Verge


media news

YouTube makes its move into children’s TV as Netflix and Amazon lurk
YouTube has already emerged as an alternative to broadcast television for children, who are watching Minecraft tutorials, music videos and cartoons online in their tens of millions. Now YouTube appears ready to take a bigger role in funding and curating children’s shows on its service, recruiting a dedicated head of family entertainment and learning to work within its YouTube Originals division.
The Guardian


Natwest launches fairer banking campaign
The TV ad, created by M&C Saatchi and called “goodbye, hello”, features people bidding farewell in a number of situations, such as a couple waving goodbye to bad weather as they leave for somewhere hot. The ad ends with a man chucking away “new customer only” banking offers and then closes with the line, “Goodbye unfair banking. Hello NatWest.”
Campaign Live


Facebook’s WhatsApp acquisition closes with $22bn price tag
Social network Facebook’s acquisition of messaging app WhatsApp is a done deal, costing it $3bn more than originally planned. When first announced earlier this year, Facebook said that WhatsApp would cost it $16bn, plus up to $3bn in stock for the app’s founders. However, on Monday it was revealed via a US Securities and Exchange Commission filing that the deal is now worth $21.8bn in total, due to the higher value of Facebook stock.
The Inquirer

liberty news

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BT’s mobile return could be delayed due to ‘technical issues’
BT might not return to the consumer mobile market until the second half of 2015, after the firm encountered ‘technical issues’. So says The Telegraph, which has heard that BT has been forced to delay its mobile network comeback, originally planned for this year, owing to technical glitches. BT had planned to carry as much voice traffic over WiFi as possible in order to undercut rival networks, making use of its 5.4 million WiFi hotspots across the UK.
The Inquirer


Telecom Italia to buy Metroweb stake
Telecom Italia has given a mandate to CEO Marco Patuano to negotiate the acquisition of a majority stake in Italian fibre optic network provider Metroweb, owned by infrastructure fund F2i, a source close to the matter said.  Approval for talks on a deal which would help Telecom Italia boost investments in faster networks was given at the last board meeting, the source said on Friday. Some analysts have valued Metroweb at around 400 million euros ($505 million).


Maroc Telecom launches Unlimited Mobile
Maroc Telecom is expanding its range of rate plans with the introduction of the all-in-one Unlimited Mobile option. It is also enhancing all its individual and capped rate plans with no change in prices. The Unlimited Mobile provides domestic calls to any operator, international calls to certain destinations, text messages, unlimited 3G+ internet, and even free smartphones. It has also added extra hours of call time, permanently and valid for all domestic and international destinations, to the time credited for existing rate plans.


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UK financial services firms bouncing back
The UK’s financial services firms saw strong growth in the three months to September, with profits rebounding and hiring on the up. At the same time, though, companies will have to square up to significant regulation challenges and competition from new entrants, according to the 100th CBI/PwC survey of the sector.  Business volumes grew at their fastest rate since 2007 and the momentum is expected to continue into the coming quarter.
FS Tech


Samsung to spend nearly $15 billion on chip plant
Samsung Electronics has announced it plans to spend 15.6 trillion won (about $14.7 billion) to construct a new chip plant in South Korea.  The South Korean electronics giant said construction will begin next year in Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul, with the plant set to open in 2017, according to multiple news reports.


Record funding for London tech start-ups
Technology start-ups in London have attracted record levels of investment in the past year, receiving more than a $1bn in funding so far, as venture capitalists bet that Britain’s capital city will produce major digital companies in the future. New research suggests that fledgling tech groups in London have raised $1.021bn from venture capital firms in the first three-quarters of 2014. This is about 30 per cent higher than the $719m raised in 2013, the previous record figure for investment in a full year, and 10 times more than the amount raised in 2010.
Financial Times


media news

New financial chat platform could be bigger than Bloomberg
A new online chat platform aimed at financial firms has already attracted more than half a million user requests, potentially making it bigger than Bloomberg’s messaging service, its chief executive has said. Symphony, which this week unveiled $66m (£41.3m) in funding from Goldman Sachs and 13 other Wall Street institutions, will be offered at no cost for individual users when it launches next year.
Daily Telegraph


Ukraine considers TV strategy
Ukraine is looking into the possibility of significantly simplifying the licensing of TV channels.  Speaking in a working meeting with representatives of the media and government, Yuiy Artemenko, the head of the industry regulator (National Council), added that it is also looking into the possibility of must-carry services, which in future may be restricted to only public or public service broadcasting channels.
BroadbandTV News


‘Transformation’ Day for BSkyB
BSkyB’s shareholders will formally decide today whether to go ahead with the broadcaster’s £5.4 billion acquisition of Sky Italia and Sky Deutschland. There are not likely to be many objectors given that the acquisitions will transform BSkyB into a Europe-wide £22 billion business, and with immense prospects. At the end of the process, BSkyB will control some 20 million subscribers with an expansion target of a huge 97 million new households.
Advanced Television

liberty news

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O2, EE & Vodafone to trial carrier billing on the high street
O2, EE and Vodafone have teamed up with mobile payments firm Boku to enable customers to pay for goods using their phones. Boku’s e-Money service could eventually extend to other operators. The service will allow customers to make purchases of any type of product or services. Users only need to enter their mobile number at a merchant’s storefront to pay for physical goods.
IT Pro


EU antitrust regulators scrap Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Telefonica probe
EU antitrust regulators closed on Friday an investigation into Deutsche Telekom, Orange SA and Telefonica, saying they had found no evidence the telecoms providers shut out rivals in the Internet contents market. The European Commission raided the companies in July last year on concerns raised by U.S.-based Cogent Communications that the telecoms operators may have abused their market position in deals with Internet companies to deliver content to users.


Check the permissions: Android flashlight apps criticised over privacy
A host of Android torch apps come with some strange permissions, including the ability to delete apps, track location, tinker with Bluetooth connectivity, view call details and write additional software to the phone, a security company has warned. Tens of millions of people have downloaded apps like the Super-Bright LED Flashlight or Brightest Flashlight Free without reviewing the permissions. But SnoopWall’s report on permissions sought by the top 10 Android flashlight apps suggests they should take more care when installing.
The Guardian


enterprise technology

Cyanogen reportedly turned down Google acquisition
Cyanogen, the company tasked with commercialising the custom CyanogenMod Android-based OS, rejected an approach from Google. Google’s SVP of Android, Sundar Pichai was apparently interested in acquiring the company, but Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster rejected his overtures. Instead, McMaster is concentrating on gaining a $1 billion valuation as his company bids for a third round of funding.
Trusted Reviews


UK’s Digital Infrastructure Strategy under spotlight at NextGen14
The Government’s Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy will be debated at NextGen14 in November. Mark Swarbrick, Project Director Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy, will discuss the key headlines emerging from this long-awaited DCMS production, with the consultation period for the strategy closing this week.


Civil Service appoints its first CEO
The Civil Service has appointed its first chief executive, John Manzoni, who has been running the Major Projects Authority within Whitehall for the past eight months. The appointment has a technology focus, with the brief to make Whitehall’s administration “more digital” – one of four tasks outlined by Civil Service head Sir Jeremy Heywood in his report on reform of the service, published yesterday.



media news


EU Commission clears Facebook’s $19 billion bid for WhatsApp
European Union antitrust regulators approved on Friday a $19 billion offer by Facebook, the world’s most popular social network, for mobile messaging start-up WhatsApp. The landmark deal is the largest in Facebook’s 10-year history and will give it a strong foothold in the fast-growing mobile messaging market, pitting it against telecoms companies.


Virgin expands TV Anywhere
Virgin Media has added a further 15 live channels to multiscreen service Virgin TV Anywhere, taking the total number of available channels to 107. The latest additions to Virgin Media’s on the go line-up include news, entertainment, music and gaming channels from around the world, such as Al Jazeera, France 24, ARY News, B4U Music, Ginx and Lahme. The cablenet says a further two major entertainment channels will also join the service next month.
Broadband TV News


How social TV channel ‘joiz’ connects with young audiences
Viewers who ‘check-in’ to shows have their photo broadcast on TV, and a ‘tweet tree’ flowers in real time as the audience posts to Twitter about the programme. joiz, a social TV channel aimed at young people, allows its viewers to engage with video content, including live broadcasts like talk shows, through the media outlet’s website and mobile apps.