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Is it time trade bodies looked at Facebook’s mobile advertising model?

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Facebook has announced advertising revenues of $1.1 billion for the third quarter. It’s the first time the social network’s quarterly ad revenues have topped $1 billion, but more importantly, the company can now start to say that it is generating meaningful revenues from mobile.


Advertising model could raise industry eyebrows


On the back of this news, Facebook’s share price leapt 23%, and investors, initially concerned at the lack of appeal of its sponsored stories mobile advertising model, are starting to see some return from the mobile channel.


In terms of numbers, the third quarter saw Facebook generate mobile ad revenues of $152 million, approximately 14% of total ad revenues. While this is merely a toe-in-the-water for the social behemoth, the majority of mobile ad networks around the world would leap through tiny flaming hoops to achieve even a quarter of these quarterly sales figures.


Let’s not simply dismiss this figure. If mobile represented 14% of total global advertising spend right now, it would be worth somewhere in the region of $65 billion per year. So perhaps Facebook should be given significantly more credit than it has received to date.


Let’s put these numbers into context. Globally, Facebook generated average revenue per user (ARPU) of $1.29 ‑ though in North America, ARPU stands at an impressive $3.40. On mobile only, which Facebook says it now has 604 million users, ARPU is $0.25. So while Facebook might be patting itself on the back for generating $152 million in mobile ad spend, a harsh reality check reveals that mobile users are, at least for the time being, worth one-fifth of online users.


And there is good reason for this disparity between total ARPU and mobile-only ARPU. Sponsored stories as a concept are fundamentally flawed. It relies on a user having at one stage liked a company, and this has morphed into an opt-in permitting Facebook to deliver ads onto a fuser’s (Facebook user) news feed from said same liked company. Historically, liking a company was a fairly worthless and meaningless act. Now, fusers will think twice before committing that extra click on their mouse when confronted with a company on Facebook.


But before brands view Facebook as an amazing channel for them to connect with customers, consider this: research carried out by mobileSQUARED highlighted that only 10% of fusers wanted brands to communicate with them on their mobile Facebook page. If mobile advertising is going to become truly effective on Facebook, brands must identify those 10% first.


The only conceivable way in which mobile advertising can work on mobile is if Facebook encourages its 604 million mobile users to opt-in again. This is certainly an area that a trade body like the MMA should investigate. After all, fusers originally signed up to Facebook to connect to friends and family on a social basis, but the emerging commercial side of Facebook will mean fusers are increasingly being coerced in to connecting with companies.


Smart grids represent opportunity for environment & consumers

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UK policy needs to promote smart grids and embrace renewable energy projects more


Renewable energies on the smart grid


As three of Britain’s largest energy companies, British Gas, Npower and Scottish Power, announced rises in gas and electricity prices – expected to add between £80 and £110 to the typical annual household bill –  the focus on sustainability and the smarter use of energy has once again been thrust into the public domain.
If the Government is to meet the 2020 emissions targets and tackle the population’s increasing discord with energy prices, the economic benefits of smart grids – to individual households – as well as the ecological benefits of greater plurality within the energy markets needs to be championed more.


Speaking at the first global Ecoisland Summit on the Isle of Wight earlier this week, the UK Minister for Energy John Hayes said; “the island’s plans to deploy smart grid technologies and locally-owned renewables projects provided a template that should be replicated across UK, and around the world.”


As more renewables come on grid the Government must show more commitment to removing barriers to entry into the energy market for new operators and individual schemes. If more plurality with in the energy markets can be delivered, it stands to not only benefit the environment (as the Isle of Wight Ecoisland scheme is beginning to show), but also the consumer.


The Minister added; “we need to drive smart grids to get more out of our energy assets in an intelligent way, thus ensuring consumers pay less. Too much of the debate has traditionally been focused on generation and not consumption – we must think more about demand management.”

Liberty selected to spearhead comms effort for Memjet’s UK office print revolution

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Liberty Comms, the specialist technology communications consultancy, today announced it has been appointed by Memjet, the global leader in colour printing technologies, to inform the UK press of its new distribution strategy and launch the world’s fastest office printer in this region.


Memjet is encouraging UK businesses to once again embrace colour printing. This will be made simple and without the worry of spiralling costs though Memjet’s unique all inclusive print contracts, from next week.


Following a successful media campaign for Memjet at Drupa 2012, the global print trade show, Liberty now returns to provide public relations support as the innovative print solution provider makes a play for the SMB office print space.


The company has bought revolutionary printing technologies to the commercial print, and now the office markets; with customers all over the world from global brands like Toshiba, LG and Canon Océ, right the way through to entrepreneurial printing start-ups and local OEMS.


Jeff Bean, VP Brand and Communications at Memjet commented: “Liberty work with so many companies that are at the cutting edge of their specialisms. It supported our efforts at international trade fair, Drupa to great effect, and when we began to focus on the European office media, working with Liberty was a logical choice to make.


“It’s this last sector, the specific office and SME focused press in the UK that we are looking to target over the next months, and we have every confidence that Liberty will be able to help us to do this.”


Dee Gibbs, Managing Director and Founder of Liberty, commented: “Memjet is a key catalyst in the tremendous leap forward made by the print industry. For the first time in 20 years we have seen a real print innovation enable the most remarkable colour speeds – you really have to see it in action to believe it!”


Memjet and its partners will be meeting with customers, channel players and the media at their respective events, to be held at Paramount, London on Tuesday 16th October.  To discuss how these contracts will work, and to see these game-changing office printers in action please contact


To see the printers at their best, Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton will also be present at the end of the session, to demo how quickly your photo will print on the Evojet Office 2 – in just one second!

Liberty Communications makes shortlist for Best PR Agency at the 2012 Mobile Entertainment awards

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The entries are in and Mobile Entertainment (ME) has confirmed the shortlist of finalists for the 2012 ME Awards which see Liberty Communications, the specialist technology communications consultancy, shortlisted for the Best PR Agency of 2012 award.



ME Awards finalists: Liberty Communications





Dee Gibbs, managing director and founder of Liberty Communications commented: “Liberty’s heritage sits squarely in the telecoms (increasingly mobile telecoms) and media space with some of our biggest and oldest clients residing in this sector.


“It’s hugely gratifying to have been recognised for this expertise, and to be nominated alongside some of the industry’s biggest hitters for the Best PR Agency of 2012 award is proof that Liberty is continuing to move in the right direction.


“Although we are up against some strong competition, 2012 has been a great year for Liberty: we have divided our business function into four unique divisions – telecoms and media, enterprise, consumer and clean tech; hired business heads for each, all with extensive industry experience; launched a new website, and continued to grow the company amidst the UK’s testing economic backdrop.


“Although the category might read a bit like the Biblical David and Goliath tale, we’re quietly confident of our position, and looking forward to attending,” finished Gibbs.


This year’s ME awards are bigger than ever, with 23 awards up for grabs including: Best Augmented Reality Company; Best Enterprise App Developer and Best PR Agency to name but three. There are also a number of new categories which take into account the changing market place that has been 2012.


The Mobile Entertainment Awards takes place on Thursday 29th November at the Royal Garden Hotel, London.