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Dee Gibbs

CEO, Global

Dee founded Liberty Communications in 1998 following a fifteen year marketing communications career at major multi-national...



Elena Davidson

Client Services Director

The role of Client Services Director was created as an extension to Liberty's founding ethos of delivering the best possible client service. It was...



Jen Hibberd

Associate Director

Starting her professional life in the hospitality and travel industry in France (while pursuing one of her first loves, skiing), customer service is at the heart of Jen’s approach.



Nigel Pollard

Director Liberty Consulting

Providing a holistic view of sales and marketing is rare in the technology world. However, Nigel has had bottom up and top down management...



Michael Draznin

Senior Consultant - North America region

Michael Draznin is a corporate communications and marketing executive whose roots firmly extend to branding and strategy.



Matt Wood

Consultant, Creative and Campaign Planning

Matt likes to think he looks younger than he actually is, an example of the dream-world he likes to inhabit...



Nick Lane

Consultant, Telecoms & Media

This is a role that applies Nick’s 16 years’ experience as a telecoms and media journalist-turned-analyst to oversee the strategic development...



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Ferguson unrest highlights broadcasting power of social media

Author: Rob Latham


Over the past ten days images of civil unrest across the Atlantic in Ferguson, Missouri, have served as a reminder of the huge power social media as a source of broadcasting news.


Scenes on the streets of the St Louis neighbourhood – which were fuelled by a police officer killing unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown with six gunshots – were largely consumed not on television news channels or news websites, but via Twitter, Vine and Facebook.


These social channels helped people share news of the mayhem in Ferguson to a global audience, with Twitter read more Read More